What’s this about?

This action represents a collaboration among international groups focused on culture and climate activism.  As artists who care about the integrity of art museums, we are building a grassroots translocal platform which recognizes the role that cultural institutions beholden to corporations can have in creating a reality where economic and climate injustice are tolerated.  As human beings, we are fighting for a fossil fuel-free future.

Occupy the Pipeline have been fighting the Spectra pipeline bringing fracked gas into NYC since 2011. When they heard that the Whitney Museum was to be placed on the site of the pipeline’s main vault,  they initiated a collaboration with Occupy Museums (friends from Liberty Park and frequent collaborators).  Occupy Museums reached out to London-based  Liberate Tate who has staged spectacular actions at the Tate since 2010 calling on the museum to divest from fossil fuels. Other groups are now joining the call for transparency in the Whitney’s siting over the controversial pipeline.Read the solidarity letter from Liberate Tate

The time for status quo on climate change has ended.