Spectra record at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The Spectra pipeline is an interstate gas transmission line, whose application for approval is subject to process administered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Essential components of this process include the ability of interested parties to “intervene” (become party to) Spectra’s application, and the ability of individuals, organizations and governments to comment on Spectra’s application.

Inspection of the Federal record will reveal that hundreds of individuals and organizations intervened in the Spectra application (list starts on page A-12 of the EIS Appendices).  In addition, both members of the public and intervenors submitted several thousand comments (comments reproduced across several documents linked to below).  However, the Whitney museum, despite being a significant stakeholder, is absent from the public process.  The Whitney is not listed among the intervenors, nor did the Whitney register any comment regarding Spectra’s application.  The only indication of the Whitney’s sentiments were submitted by Spectra itself.  On page T-12 of the Appendices, Spectra mentions that the Whitney Museum expressed concern only about the impact of the pipeline’s construction, which would begin in 2011:

“The Whitney Museum expressed concern regarding the potential for pipeline construction to disrupt business and conflict with the construction of the museum. To address these concerns, Texas Eastern has prepared a Work Zone Traffic Control Plan for Manhattan (see Section 4.9.5).”

Here are links to FERC’s final Environmental Impact Statement that preceded FERC’s approval of the Spectra pipeline.

01_NJ-NY FEIS_ Volume I_Report Cover and Spine.pdf

01_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume II_Cover.pdf

02_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume I.pdf

02_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume II_Index.pdf

03_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume I _Appendices.pdf

03_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume II Comment Responses_PM1-PM2.pdf

04_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume II Comment Responses_PM3-PM4.pdf

05_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume II Comment Responses_FA.pdf (Federal Agencies)

06_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume II Comment Responses_SA.pdf (State Agencies)

07_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume II Comment Responses_LA.pdf (Local Agencies)

08_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume II Comment Responses_CO.pdf (Companies and Organizations)

09_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume II Comment Responses_IND.pdf (Individuals)

10_NJ-NY FEIS_Volume II Comment Responses_A.pdf (Applicants)