Climate change – what can I do?

Climate change - what can I do

Not enough is being done to safeguard the planet for future generations. Climate change is becoming worse and while we might not be able to stop it there are certainly ways to slow it down. Big business and governments might make the right noises about doing their bit, but are they really? It’s difficult to say, but while there is money to be made in not being environmentally friendly it’s unlikely to be top of their agenda. There are things we can all do though to lessen our impact and arrest climate change. It only works if we all do it though, so read these tips and pass them on to a friend or family member.

Become vegan or at least vegetarian

Agriculture is responsible for half of greenhouse emissions which is pretty hair raising. It’s not the rearing of animals alone, but the transportation and energy used in the process that contributes to this. Stopping eating meat will obviously lessen this impact. Stopping eating dairy would also help. If you find this prospect difficult then try to cut down your intake of both or have one or two “veggie” days every week – it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Eat organic

It might cost more, but it’s better for you as it’s not covered in pesticides and chemicals. Any non-organic food purchase does give a little bit of money to oil companies and if we want them to stop plundering the planet’s resources we cannot buy products they are involved with.

Buy locally sourced produce

This is a two in one benefit. Buying produce from local farms might be organic, but it’s transportation, petrol usage in particular, that is being saved. There is no need to buy fruit and vegetables from the other side of the world when the same thing – possibly better – is being grown right down the road from you.

Use less power

Electricity companies might force us into this anyway with their price hikes, but we should be using as little as we can anyway. There’s no need to have all the lights on in your house, unless there is someone in every room. Try letting your washing air dry instead of using a tumble dryer. Don’t leave things such as your TV on standby, turn them off at the wall as standby still continues to use electricity.

Walk or cycle

Not absolutely everywhere, but you should walk when you can. It’s good for you and it’s good for the environment. Get yourself a bicycle for slightly longer journeys too. Think about ditching the car, do you really need it If you need to go on a long journey there is public transport and many bus and train companies are now doing all they can to provide a lower emissions service.

Recycle or reuse

Put as little into landfill as physically possible. Give unwanted items to someone who needs them, such as giving clothes you no longer need to a charity.