Why We Don’t Take Climate change Seriously Enough

climate change

What hasn’t been yet said about climate change? We know that the land-based ice is melting at an alarming rate and that as a direct result the water level is rising.

We know that climate change is not something to gamble with. Clearly, British people love lotteries but even in a span of 20 years the climate change can be devastating for UK residents.

Why we don’t take climate seriously enough

Here are the main reasons why we don’t take climate change seriously enough. And we are not counting the 1% that don’t even believe climate change is real.

  1. It seems to be out of our hands
  2. It doesn’t affect our backyard
  3. Serious effects seem to be far into the future
  4. We are overwhelmed in our lives

It’s out of our hands

On an individual level, it is hard to see what can you be doing to help climate change. And, even if you do, it may appear that one man’s attempts won’t have any effect.

But you have power. Just like a handful of people that turned the Brexit vote to leave, you can have an impact by promoting the issue, recycling and more. For ideas you can check out the Article in Forbes.

UK is not affected

uk climate change

What we hear on the news, we know that temperatures and the changing weather have cause a lot of problems overseas as well as in the exotic south east Asia. But it will be long before UK can feel the effects of global warming.

You already feel these effects. That’s is one of the biggest factors behind droughts in the middle east which results in massive migrations to Europe, including UK.

Serious effects seem to be far into the future

If you have seen the latest predictions of the water level rise, you may feel quite relaxed. The water lever is expected to rise about 1,5m by 2100. That’s so far into the future.

But is it? 2100 is 83 years away, the same amount of time to 1934. It’s a single lifetime. Not to mention that 1,5m is enough to cause havoc in most of the Netherlands, Brighton, Liverpool and more.

We are overwhelmed in our lives


Lastly, while climate change is a global issue, we have our own lives to worry about first. Who better knows it than the Brits (maybe only Americans). Our country is in shambles due to the Brexit. How can we focus on ‘big picture issues’ when our ow n heads seem to explode from the stress and the noise?

Why we do agree with this point more than any other, there is also a solution. If you don’t think that climate change is something you can be do about, why would UK politics be? And instead of jumping into the hurricane of anger which UK political system has become, why not focus on a solid cause that will affect our kids and grandkids.