Trump and Paris agreement: what’s in a store for us?

Trump and Paris agreement

Earlier in May, President Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement. All countries have signed up to date, with the exception of Nigeria and Syria. The agreement aims to slow down global warming and prevent further pollution of the planet. Specifically, it aims at maintaining warming growth near 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Paris Agreement was signed by the then President of the United States Barack Obama in 2015. America, headed by Barack Obama, promised to cut emissions by 26 percent by 2025. The United States, together with China or India, is one of the largest environmental pollutants present, and its performance means a great loss for the environmental initiative of states.

Paris Treaty and Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump has already claimed during his candidacy for the presidential post that his first steps will be the US appearance of the Paris Agreement. As a reason for this move, he mentioned the unfavorable position of the United States, which he proposed the agreement. In his speech, he said he did not represent the inhabitants of Paris but Pittsburgh. That’s why he continues the narrative he used during a pre-election match with Hillary Clinton. He promised that America would take him first.

Trump’s opposition is growing in response to the Paris accord

We are witnessing another Trump’s move that more polarizes American society and raises doubts in the world of diplomacy. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, after Trump’s first foreign trip last week, has let her hear that the US is no longer a credible ally for Germany and Europe. In response to Trump’s resignation from the Paris Agreement, the newly elected French president, Emmanuel Macron, voiced his disapproval of the United States president’s move. As part of his speech, he also assured the public that the fight against global warming remains an important topic of world leaders who want to uphold the proposed mitigation quotas. It also offered US citizens, especially scientists and climatologists, backgrounds in France, where their research will continue to be supported. Trump’s Cabinet is counting on significant cuts in development and education.

How do the Americans react?

For a short time, Tramp’s presidency takes one scandal into another. His appearances from the Paris Agreement awoke a great stir even on home soil. A number of prominent people and businesses spoke against Trump. His disagreement was expressed by former US President Barack Obama or the famous actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio. Companies such as Apple or Facebook were opposed to Trump’s decision. Petroleum magnates such as Shell or Exxon Mobile have joined.

Responding to Trump’s move, the governors of California, Washington and New York also spoke, promising to follow the Paris Accord directives. Washington Governor Jay Inlee has declared that their states will move forward with time and despite the fact that the steps of the President are heading in the past. According to Donald Trump, America should rebuild its coal industry, which is slowly falling. Trump’s critics point to the fact that jobs in the coal industry are only shifting to renewable sources. This is not a situation in which environmental protection would take the Americans to work.

The Paris accord is one of the few promises Trump has promised during his campaign, and has also adhered to. What will have a longer-term impact on the United States is uncertain yet, but now we can see that Trump is far from talking across America, and that there are a number of people who are reluctant to follow his plan to protect the planet.